Thursday, 29 June 2017

That Frail Light

After all we've been through. After all that remains. After all the happiness. After all the sadness. After black. After white. After all the darkness and that frail light. All that remains with us, is our soul and nothingness. All that matters is what our soul has learned. Many say, "One life, live it with fire." Sure. But, careful not to burn your soul with that fire! Careful not to hand that fire over to others. At the same time, learn not to be so careful, not to overthink to the extent that you overthink about how much you overthink. It's okay to overlook things at times. It's completely fine to make mistakes. And it's even finer if you don't learn from them, because maybe, just maybe, that mistake isn't a mistake after all.. it's just an incident to make you, "you-er?". 
We all think we've something to lose. That's where we go wrong. We have nothing to lose because nothing belongs to us, nothing but our soul. And remember, no matter what, your soul can't be separated.
We create goals for the future, and to achieve them we forget to live the present. Now I'm nowhere saying don't dream or hope or aim success, it's vital for survival. I'm saying, are we just forgetting to live now to create something we are so unsure of?  Something that may not even happen? It only leads to uncertainty. We have superego's. We don't say stuff just because we think we are bigger than the other person. But are we? No. Where would our ego lead us to? Unhappiness. People say happiness is just an emotion, just like all other emotions. But happiness keeps you going. Ever seen a person living with fear, anxiety, sadness? They all are emotions too, so why not live with them? We can't. So no, happiness isn't just an emotion. It's a way of life. It's something to strive for. We're in this race called life, running, getting hurt, getting back up. What's all this for? Not just to survive. But to learn, to experience, to be happ.. yeah. So do what makes you feel alive. Do what makes you realise why you were lucky enough to be a human form. Don't limit yourself to the confines of your materialistic being. Don't limit yourself to the miniscule human nature compared to the vastness of the cosmos. They may seem strong words to read, but we all are capable of implementing what's written here. We all have infinite power within us to be happy. We just need some outer catalysts, and we're good.
So, Go build your legend. Build your happiness. Build your strength. Build yourself, bit by bit, piece by piece, positive by positive, hope by hope and happiness by happiness.

What are we after?

Who are we? What are we here for? We aren't here to be lawyers, doctors or engineers. We, as human beings, or we, as souls, are here to learn.. experience.. flourish. So what's the aim? Nothing. Nothing but to be happy. Happiness is what matters, not those grades or certificates.  But what's sad is, as we grow, happiness degrades. We have got it all wrong. We are told that getting full marks would make you happy.. but does it? No. Then they say, getting a good job would make you happy.. does it? No. Marriage? No. Everything we've been told we should do.. won't make us happy. Seen a 2 year old? The happiness level is 10000+ percent, rich and poor alike. Why? Because it has no degrees, no job and no one to judge it. All it does is follows it's heart. Yeah that's it. All we need to do is that. So Do what makes you happy (Now for the extremists, no, hurting people won't make you happy, don't even think about it). Eventually, we all decay. But the journey to that decay is what eventually matters.